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Learn more about our services:

Just Write Court Reporters provides diverse services to the legal community. Our goal is to give complete satisfaction to our clients. With our vast network of court reporters and affiliates we are able to provide unparalleled service to attorneys, government agencies, and insurance companies. We provide court reporting, trial reporting, video conferencing, legal videography, language interpreters, legal copying/scanning, transcription and process services.

Whether your needs are in our offices in Ventura, in Southern California, or any where in the country, you only need to make one call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Just Write Court Reporters, we guarantee that everything will be "just right."

Southern California Scheduling

Just Write Court Reporters offers various services to the legal community. We provide pleasant, experienced and accurate court reporters, videographers and interpreters for your deposition, hearing and/or EUO. In addition to our conference rooms in Ventura we have access to conference rooms throughout Southern California. Along with court reporting, other services we provide are video conferencing, imaging, transcription and process servers.

Nationwide Scheduling

We frequently service depositions all across the United States. No matter what your situation, we can easily accommodate all your deposition needs from coast to coast. To schedule a deposition just contact us via phone, fax or e-mail.

Court Reporting

We offer all of the following services. If you are interested in a service that is not listed, please let us know. We are always looking for new ways to serve our clients.

** Click here to download the free e-transcript reader.

Conference Rooms

Weather you need a conference room in Ventura California or anywhere in the country we are able to provide this scheduling for you. Our Ventura conference rooms can accommodate up to 12 individuals for your deposition or other meeting. Conference rooms are always complimentary for a deposition and may be rented for other needs.

Video Conferencing

Just Write Court Reporter services now include the most efficient video conference solutions for your legal depositions. From our offices in Ventura you will be able to conduct meetings, remote depositions, witness interviews, settlement conferences and arbitrations in a productive and efficient way. We can arrange our suite to connect to video conference suites anywhere in the world.

Trial Reporting

Just Write Court Reporters will provide experienced reporters to handle law & motion, hearing and trials in Ventura and Los Angeles County courts. We provide all services needed including dailies, roughs, and expedites.

Video Services

We offer all of the following video services. If you are interested in something you don't see, please let us know. We are always looking for more services to offer our clients.

Process Services

At Just Write Court Reporters, we understand the importance of timely service of process to your case. For that reason we provide process servers through our affiliate Ventura Process Server. We can be relied upon us to serve both deposition and trial subpoenas in State and Federal Court.


We can take care of all your transcription needs. Our transcribers are experienced and accurate. We can transcribe from audio tape, mini-tape, video, CDs, DVDs, and digital formats. Please contact us to discuss your individual transcription needs.